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Sailing Through Time

This Guide to Conneaut Lake's Passenger Boats is the book I wished I had when I was a kid!

Conneaut Lake history, along with pictures and stories of more than twenty-five passenger boats that sailed the lake since 1880. It's still my favorite.

Sailing is a wonderful, 8½x11, 40-page volume packed full of the past: facts and twists of fate. Not only is this is a must-read for any "Laker" worth their salt, it'll interest anybody who loves history, old boats, or both. Buy it for the youngsters you know so they can begin to understand a bit of how the world used to be.

Sailing Through Time includes a complete bibliography that reaches back into the 1800s.


Buy from the online Gift Shop of the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society. Or purchase at the Crawford County Convention and Visitor's Bureau. There was a single printing. The number of physical books is limited. Once they're sold, that's it!

But, for Kindle lovers - an E-Book Edition is available. The e-version is updated with new information and recently-found images.

What Readers Say:

Opened the mail today and was very pleasantly surprised to find your book. Though I've never been to the lake or seen any of the boats, I'm enjoying reading about them, so for those who experienced the lake rides, it has to be a fun-look back in time. - Audrey

When I was little my grandfather used to tell me about the big boats that ran on Conneaut Lake. Reading this book helped me learn about the lake and about PopPop, too. Makes me wish I could've seen them - Mary

My 85 year-old (younger) brother, Bob, gave me Sailing Through Time for Christmas. We sat and talked for hours, remembering things now long gone. I thank you for writing this wonderful book. - Jim

Thank you for the book. You were right - Dad did enjoy having a reason to get together with us to give me mine.  As usual, you did a great job! He stayed up late the night you dropped them off and read it cover to cover. I can't tell you the last time he did anything like that. He loves it!! - Pam

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