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Conneaut Lake Ferry Tales

Conneaut Lake Ferry Tales begins with the four words used to start all good stories; "Once Upon a Time."

Anchored in Conneaut Lake's Victorian era, the twin ferry boats Redwing and Outing traveled more than a hundred thousand miles and carried untold numbers of passengers in their 120 years of combined service.

With dozens of images (most in color), facts, oral histories, slight exaggerations, and outright lies from nearly 80 storytellers, this book will bring a smile to your face and conjure warm memories of days gone by.

There's love, life, death and rebirth in these 139 pages of memories. There are splintered seats, first kisses and deep, dark secrets never before told. You'll recognize you, your parents, and your grandparents in Conneaut Lake Ferry Tales.

 A complete bibliography is included.


Kindle lovers - an E-Book Edition is available. The e-version is updated with new information and recently-found images.

Don't pay the nearly $50 charged by some resellers for the traditional, paper version! For half-price, you can try navigating the publisher's bookstore. Better yet, purchase this wonderful book at a reasonable cost at the online Gift Shop of the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society. Or, you can pick up a copy (or two) at the Crawford County Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

What Readers Say:

I have both, but like the Kindle version because it lets me look more closely at the images. Formatting's very nice, too. Thanks! - Nancy

You've made an interesting day! Your book arrived in the morning's mail and we sat down—each with a copy! We didn't move until we each had read it. You've done a marvelous job. I thank you for an absolutely delightful book. - Russell

What fun, reliving my Conneaut Lake past. My brothers and I used to surf the ferry boat waves at Midway, too. I haven't visited Conneaut in years, but this book sure brought it back to me. Wonderful. - Jennifer

I was at the Park the day Elvis died! You mentioning that in your book made me get out all my old albums and listen to the King one more time. He still gives me the chills. - Christie

Love it! Not sure I believe all of the stories but that's a part of collecting oral histories, isn't it? - Dave

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