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Trumpets in the East

Trumpets in the East: Follow the "stupidly stubborn" Civil War vet Ashrad Rizvi as his inability to leave things be leads him to the truth surrounding a death in his own small home town.

Trumpets' well-developed and memorable characters, gentle humor, and vivid descriptions step things right along, thank you, with enough detail to interest, but not enough to bog things down.

Take a look at the first six chapters. It's the start of a great read that'll take you to an ending that's sure to surprise!


This book is published in e-format only from Amazon.

What Readers Say:

It was fun. A good read. The plot moved very nicely. Each of the people that Ash visited or ran into exposed the clues smoothly and neatly, yet the final explanation was a surprise, but made very good sense. - Kevin

I love the characters, they're all great. Even the ones that are bad. Each is an individual with his or her own story. I felt I knew all of them by the end - even Becky and the General. Very enjoyable story. - Amy

What's not to like? Good characters, good plot, a lake, boats and steam engines. The funny parts were great. Makes me wish I was there! - Keith

I think there's more going on here than meets the eye. When do we get the next one? - Barb

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