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Website Foundations - A Short and Painless Book

Oh. Yeah. Sure. How hard can designing a website be? The answer: not all that difficult, once you've figured out what the heck you're doing!

Website Foundations outlines, in a semi-tongue-in-cheek fashion, the five easy steps that keep you from looking stupid at the speed of the Internet.

This distillation of more than two decades of experience building websites includes: deciding the need, defining your audience,  gathering ideas, and storyboarding your pages. There are entire chapters dedicated to keeping you from looking dumb.

At 99¢ this little e-book is worth its weight in electrons for the time and confusion it saves.

When was the last time NOT looking dumb cost you so little?


Buy this ~100 page Kindle e-book from Amazon!

What Readers Say:

So much in so little space! - Gary

Funny and kind of snotty. Good advice with attitude. - James

I wish I could talk to the boss like you say I should. - Deb

Lots of great advice. Got me off on the right foot and saved me hours of work. Thanks! - Kaitlin

You're right - it's not hard - once you know what to do. - Jacob

I found a typo: "it's" instead of "its." I want a refund :-) - Paula

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