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Dearly Departed Judges of Lorain County

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Lorain County Death Records Spreadsheet   

This free spreadsheet was created from the Lorain County, Ohio, Probate Death Records (14,400+ records from 1867 to the first half of 1908), the Lorain County Coroner Inquests (4,000+ records from 1879 to early 1938), and the Oberlin, Ohio, Board of Health Death Records (1,000+ records from 1888 through 1908). It also contains a very incomplete listing of Oberlin Births (23 records from 1890 to early 1892). Print utilities and transcription notes are also included. The intent is to provide a flexible dataset to all researchers. Feel free to pass it on, but please leave the file intact along with all information about its sources and creation. 


Format: Excel (xlsx) 

Size: 6 megabytes - Updated 8/5/22

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