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The 30-second version...

      Don Hilton was raised as the second of three sons in a small town in northwest Pennsylvania by a family of unapologetic storytellers and was lucky enough to never quite know if the tales he heard were true.

      Easily bored, his life has been a broad mix of experiences; boat pilot, lab technician, sweetheart, husband, post-graduate research fellow, geologist, statistician, teacher, stand-up comedian, computer support analyst, father, martial arts instructor, freelance writer, and author.
      He's done lots of dumb things that should have killed him dead, struggled with the blues, and has been rewarded with some slight measure of wisdom and peace.
      The only constant has been his storytelling. After more than a half-century of practice he's developed some talent. He's still not near as good as the old folks he used to listen to, but he's getting there. 

      For all of Don Hilton's books visit his Amazon Author's Page.

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